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Sephora Grand Opening- White Oaks Mall

21 May

It’s official! London Ontario (where I live) FINALLY has a Sephora. I will never forget when @WhiteOaksMall tweeted…

I couldn’t believe it! We were finally going to have a Sephora! No more long trips to Toronto!

A few days before the store opened I received a beauty insider e-mail stating that Sephora was giving away a free umbrella with ANY purchase (no minimums!) I definitely was getting my butt in there for the grand opening to score some new swag and an umbrella (that was for sure!) I ended up going with my mom (as we had a hair appointment in the morning and were out that way!) I was hoping there wasn’t a lineup as @WhiteOaksMall sent out a twit pic of the line up earlier on:

Luckily, when we got there we were able to walk right in! It was HEAVEN! Brand spanking new SEPHORA. Man I wanted to buy EVERYTHING. I had picked out a bunch of Make Up Forever eyeshadows and the pallette that come free with 3 shadow purchases… when I came across “Tarte.” Whoever designed the packing needs a big pat on the back. I decided to part with the Make Up Forever shadows and pickup some Tarte makeup (mainly for the cute packaging to be honest!) I wasn’t sure how great it was- although there was an eyeshadow pallette (that looked like a clutch) and I just HAD to have it! It was super cute and it came with a free eyelid primer! Also, I liked the line because it was all natural (which is great!) 98% of their products are formulated without parabens, phthalates, sulfates and synthetic fragrances (just to name a few!)

(All photos below are linked to larger versions)

Their palettes are REFILLABLE! No need to throw it out when you are done! Just buy a new mineral pigment eyeshadow refill! (click on photo to read the colours- named after flowers!)

It comes with a really awesome guide for multiple looks!

I haven’t tried anything yet- i promise I will soon though! I just LOVE it though! I love the line as well! What do you think? Did I mention that I picked it up for under $60CAN and it is over a $200CAN value? Amazing! I love buying value kits!!! This was definitely a purchase where the book was judged by the cover. I am hoping it is a great product! I tried it in the store and it seemed very pigmented. Have you ever tried Tarte products?

Any other lines you buy just for the sheer cuteness?

Oh, I also got the free umbrella (which WASN’T a cheap crappy piece of… you know.) It is SUPER strong (and cute!)

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